Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I finally did something I had wanted to do for ages. So I ordered a cool rainbow bracelet.
Just have to wait on delivery. :)

I've been watching the prop 8 trial. (not on t.v. but the blogs etc.)

Some of the arguments going on in the court is disheartening. Especially if people really do actually believe what they are saying.
Still I hope they win, and prop 8 is abolished.
The pessimist in me is pretty doubtful, but I hope it is.

University has started again, and I get some lovely lectures about genetics. (One of my interests) The first one was funny because he talked all about a book my high school biology teacher recommeded to me, so I knew more or less all he told us. He referenced another book I've just ordered from amazon. So the work has begun, but it doesn't feel like work at the moment.

Doubt I'll be saying that during exam time.

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